the Piffle Theory

A Commercial Conspiracy?

Posted on: April 16, 2008

I feel, in this first post of mine, that I should draw your attention to a specific part of the commercial world, a part that largely goes unnoticed and unquestioned by the greater society. This branch, I feel, has been cheating us for years without notice from any governing committee. Yet when thought about for a little while, one can already find many improbably norms. This brings into question whether the level of technology currently being marketed is the level of advancement of this commercial sector. The facts of my accusative inquiry into the nasal tissue companies are thought provoking and, with any luck, will lead to an investigation by the authorities.

Firstly, I feel it is most likely best to start with the repetitive use of tissues. The use of a tissue is handy and was a very good step forward for society as a whole. However, when tissues are used for an extended period of time, as anyone who has over been ill will attest, the skin around the nostrils will go a bit pink and flaky and sore. Is this a sign that one should discontinue use, or perhaps a warning clue that an addiction is not long from forming? While both of these are possible explanations for the regional skin change, it seems much more likely that tissue technology has not progressed to a state that eliminates these side effects. Yet when looking back on years which have been devoted to research and development, one wonders at what seems to be such a slow advancement. Even the lotion tissues are still not quite what they were promised to us in the fifties.

The other main point in the case is how this product wears. Many tissues, it seems, have not been made to keep your hands from the nasal excrement it is meant to collect. Though tissues are improving in this field there is still much to be desired. Now, I am not comparing tissues to handkerchiefs in regards to longevity, I am merely saying a little more durability would be nice.

Without much thought one can already see two main parts of the essence of tissues are not what is expected. Tissue manufacturers should be made to answer for their actions and the results there of. An injustice is being done to the consumer class – will you allow this to continue or will you stand up to ask politely for quality products?


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