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I’ve been editing the About pages that are located above. *points up* I’m sure they could use some tweaking as we go along. Especially rhino’s as she hasn’t given me much to work with. Harumph. I’ve also switched around the widgets. I think I kind of like this order better, but I’m not sure.

In me related news, I’d like to put some drawings up but I need to obtain some drawing supplies first. That and the fact that I haven’t finished the story I was working on means I’ve really got nothing new right now. Nevertheless, I’ll try to get something up soon.


Well, this is how things begin, eh? Not with a bang but a– oh wait, nevermind.

Here at Muppet Labs the Piffle Theory we have no real point to anything. We will write whatever comes to our bizarre minds. We hope that this experience doesn’t frighten all of you away, but perhaps you can find some humor and (maybe!) a kernel of knowledge somewhere amongst our posts.

So sit back, enjoy, and don’t feed the animals (but you may stroke our egos).

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