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Note: This was originally written by me … last year? February? I’m not sure. But seeing as I got busy and such I hadn’t post this here. Any following material should be Internet new, though not necessarily written very recently.

Time is purple.

In the new series of the hit BBC science fiction drama Doctor Who two different colours are used for the time vortex. The time vortex is what one passes through to travel forwards or backwards through time. It is explained in the new series of the show that when traveling forward through time the vortex is red, and when traveling backwards it is blue. Furthermore, if one travels neither forward or backward through time then it must be assumed that the time they are occupying is current, or present time. The present time could then be considered the sum total of both past and future time. The amalgamation of this would be the combination of the red and blue vortexes. Therefore when all the points are taken as true the only possible conclusion is that time is purple.

The beige reference can be better understood after reading this article.


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