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Ah, the last few weeks of the semester are upon us. Of course that means students are in a rush to complete a buttload of work for their classes. It seems as if professors save much of their work for the end of the semester. And it’s typically due within a week of each other. Tsk. For example, one of my professors as assigned a novel that’s around 500 pages long with a small font. We are supposed to finish the book for this week. Not. Gonna. Happen.

This is because I have a ten page history paper due on Thursday. Which I keep confusing myself about. I’ll read it once and believe I understand it, only to re-read it later and not know what exactly I am supposed to write about. So frustrating and annoying. Bah.

Then that leads me to wonder: would I prefer to write papers for a class, or do homework? This I am torn over. I really don’t know. I suppose that it depends on the class. Hmm. I wonder what others think.

Homework vs. Papers. Which is better?


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